Toothpaste without fluoride is preferred by many people and many manufacturers also have fluoride-free toothpaste in their range.

Often the active ingredient fluoride is added to the toothpaste. This has the task of making the teeth more resistant to acid. At first glance, this sounds very advantageous and sensible. However, we recommend that you use a toothpaste without fluoride.

Cause of caries

Caries is caused by caries-forming bacteria that sit on the teeth and convert the sugar from food into acidic metabolites. This acid is then released onto the tooth structure and begins to etch a hole in the teeth.

Consequently, the cause of caries is the caries-forming bacterial strains and the consumption of sugar. These two factors should be addressed if caries is to be reduced.


Improvement of bacterial flora

In our dental office we can quickly and effectively optimize the bacterial flora. Thus, the destruction process in the oral cavity is reduced and problems such as caries, periodontitis, bad breath become much less. Fillings and dentures such as crowns and implants also get a longer life.

The prophylaxis performed is based on the use of oxygen, is mild and non-traumatic.

Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to acid

Fluoride from toothpaste accumulates in the teeth and ensures that the acid formed can destroy the tooth more slowly. That in itself is a good idea. However, 2 points speak against it.

  1. The cause of caries is not a lack of fluoride, but bacterial overgrowth and improper nutrition.
  2. Fluoride is suspected of being harmful to health and the oral mucosa is very receptive to various active substances.

Consequently, it makes much more sense to start at the points of bacterial flora and nutrition.

Especially patients who abstain from fluoride should definitely have their oral bacterial flora improved.

Ingredients of fluoride-free toothpaste

There are now many different fluoride-free toothpastes on the market. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the composition.

The toothpaste should not contain any ingredients that are harmful to health and the list of additives should be small and manageable.

Ingredients that should not be included are:

  • Titanium compounds such as titanium dioxide
  • Aluminum
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate and other surfactants
  • Synthetic substances
  • Nanoparticles

Such substances, as mentioned above, can enter the body through the oral mucosa and have adverse effects.

Recommended toothpaste without fluoride

A high-quality fluoride-free toothpaste is difficult to find. Often hidden ingredients are present, which in turn offer a health disadvantage.

A toothpaste without fluoride, which we can recommend, is the Freyacare toothpaste. This meets all the important requirements in terms of health and dental care.

Freyacare toothpaste is based on xylitol, magnesium carbonate, diatom and essential oils. Critical substances suspected of harming health are not part of the ingredients.

So far, we can unreservedly recommend this toothpaste for daily oral hygiene.

Freyacare toothpaste

FAQ about fluoride-free toothpaste

What should I keep in mind when avoiding fluoride?

Provided you use a toothpaste without fluoride, you should improve your bacterial flora so that acid-forming bacteria are present only in small numbers.

Does our dental practice work without fluoride?

Fluoride is added to many materials in the dental industry. We strive to use only fluoride-free materials.

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